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Birch Grove Elementary School

Birch Grove Primary School is one half of Birch Grove Elementary School.  At BGP students from Transitional Kindergarten through Second Grade are served in a primary school environment.  Our sister school, Birch Grove Intermediate, serves students in Third Grade through Fifth Grade.

Our mission at BGP is to create a safe, inspiring, and innovative learning community.

We focus on the social emotional learning of our youngest Newark students, as well as providing content area instruction in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

BGP staff and faculty focus on instruction with a growth mindset.  We believe that every student can learn, and that mastery may not have been reached...YET. Our students are on a pathway of learning and enrichment.

Top Reasons to Choose BGP

♦   Emphasis on the social emotional learning of our young learners

♦   21st century classrooms with state-of-the-art, student-centered learning areas, flexible spaces, and a variety of options for different types of learners

♦   Powerful teacher collaboration with robust teaching teams

♦   Partnership with Birch Grove Intermediate School to promote continuously improving learning environment for all our students

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